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Are creditors driving you mad with constant phone calls and messages?

Do you have surmounting medical expenses but no medical insurance?

Are you facing a mountain of credit card debt?


Many people who consider bankruptcy are facing the threat of lawsuits, foreclosure, and wage garnishments.


Bankruptcy can stop lawsuits, foreclosures and wage garnishments, even collection calls. In many cases, you can eliminate credit card debt, medical bills, and most other unsecured debts and still keep your home, car, retirement account, and household goods and furnishings.

If you are considering bankruptcy and want to know if it can give you a fresh start, call for an appointment with an experienced bankruptcy attorney at Millward & Castle toll-free at 1-888-988-1088 or reach our local office at 606-546-5114. We also accept walk-in appointments at our convenient office located at 114 Court Square, Barbourville, Kentucky.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I have been sued or my wages are being garnished?

A: When your bankruptcy is filed, the court will enter an order called an “automatic stay.” This order will immediately stop all lawsuits, wage garnishments or other efforts to collect the debt, even those annoying phone calls.


Q: Will bankruptcy affect my credit rating?

A: Yes, but in most cases, if you have failed to make all payments on time or a collection agency is calling you, your credit score has already been damaged. Bankruptcy can give you the relief and a fresh start that you need to start re-building your credit. Get the facts, then decide if bankruptcy is right for you.


Q: Does Millward & Castle handle other cases?

A: Our attorneys also provide representation in the areas of auto accidents, personal injury, disability (Social Security and SSI), and criminal defense.


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