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Abuse and neglect do not happen in every nursing home. Most nursing homes provide quality care, but even one case of abuse or neglect is one too many.


It is an unfortunate fact that some of our most vulnerable seniors are “neglected to death.” At any long-term care facility, the emphasis should be on caring. Facility services should make residents’ lives easier by providing safe housing, help with hygiene, dressing, eating, dispensing medicine and encouraging physical and social activity.


Just as in their own homes, residents have the right to be free of verbal and physical abuse. They have the right to be free from neglect. All seniors who are dependent on their caregivers have the right to the highest standard of care and to be treated with dignity and respect.

If you suspect a loved one has been neglected or abused while a resident at a nursing home facility, call Millward & Castle today toll-free at 1-888-988-1088 or reach our local office at 606-546-5114. We also accept walk-in appointments at our convenient office located at 114 Court Square, Barbourville, Kentucky.

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Bed sores, falls, and infections are the deadly three. In an elderly person, any one of these can lead to poor quality of life and a premature, painful death. In a skilled nursing facility with an adequate number of caregivers and a properly trained staff, none of these should happen.


Bed Sores

Bed sores require special treatment. A resident entering a facility without any bed sores should not acquire any. If a resident has a bed sore, it must be documented and treated daily. If there is no improvement, the care plan should be changed.



Falls can be life threatening for seniors. Bones are fragile and balance can be unsteady. Nursing facilities have a duty to have sufficient staff and equipment to provide all of the supervision and assistance necessary to prevent falls. Falls, bruising and broken bones can be evidence of neglect and possibly even abuse.



Infections can be deadly. Untreated urinary tract infections and infected sores can spread to the bloodstream where it becomes sepsis, which leads to organ failure and death. Even a mild temperature or altered cognitive function can be a sign of serious infection. Prompt notification to the doctor and treatment with antibiotics are critical. Failure to properly care for IV ports, catheters, and feeding tubes often lead to serious infections.

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